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Experience in Tuscany

The Journey, the Encounters, the Beauty, the Adventure
Departure on September 7, 2024
Pisa - San Rossore Park
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The Via Francigena meets
the Ancient Salt Road
420km 6000m DSL+
September 7, 2024

FRANCIGENA BIKE ADVENTURE: a real adventure on the trail of the Via Francigena.
A real adventure, to discover
of the Via Francigena in Tuscany.

A master for all amateur cyclists
who want to become 'cyclists'.

The cycling event will start from the former estate of the President of the Republic, today San Rossore Park (Pisa - Tuscany),
From September 7, 2024.
This is a sort of Master reserved for all amateur cyclists, cyclists and cyclists who want to become 'cyclists'.
La FRANCIGENA BIKE ADVENTURE fully responds to an idea of travel that combines art, nature, beauty, culture and spirituality. All this in one region, the Tuscany, combines art, nature, beauty, culture and spirituality.
From the briefing and the get-together the evening before departure (morning of Saturday, September 7), You Will Be Free to Choose Your Time, to which we do not set limits because the greatest prize will be precisely the discovery of the value of time, without which this experience risks losing its meaning. You will be free to Choose the bike That you will consider most suitable for traveling 420 km of the itinerary, studied meter by meter, both for those who love road bikes, and for those who prefer gravel or mountain bikes or e-bikes. In fact, even if the path will be unique, you You can choose between 2 GPX tracks: One for road bikes, the other for gravel or mountain biking. You will be equipped with a tracking system for your safety. You can choose the stops as you like.Lucca, Altopascio, Fucecchio, San Miniato, San Gimignano, Colle Val d'Elsa, Monteriggioni, Siena, Radicondoli, Pomarance, Volterra, Petals, .

The Journey and the 'Rules'

“In the journey there is a certain flavor of freedom, of simplicity...
a certain charm of the limitless horizon, of the path of no return,
of the homeless night, of life without superfluous.” (Theodore Monod)

A multi-day adventure in Tuscany, starting September 7, 2024, on the trail of the Via Francigena.
The event is carefully organized by those who know the places well and have experience of long bike trips.
Participants will have a track to follow and will be able to choose,
among the various suggested routes, the one most suitable for the type of bike and equipment.
In short, we will be able to freely divide the trip into stages and choose where to stop,
refresh ourselves and sleep, select things to see and places to visit. Without time limits.

The Journey
A Sensory Journey Beyond
The weather

The Via Francigena that we propose is a travel idea that combines art, nature, beauty, culture and spirituality
of a journey that combines art, nature, beauty,
culture and spirituality.

The journey into beauty that we propose along the Via Francigena is also a formidable incitement to the custody of memories, vertiginous images, unpredictable experiences, extraordinary encounters, new knowledge. And it is, above all, an incitement to the story, through words or photos inspired by the enchantment of the landscape or any memorable event that happens along the way. In fact, our “adventure” includes a space dedicated to these memories, to these narratives, even to the photographic ones. And each of the participants - if they want - can record their presence with a single photo or a written text no longer than 100 words. (Because the story must be glaring, lightning, aerial and unrepeatable like a headlong ride on a bicycle.) It will be his precious contribution to our collective story and his indelible trace on the Via Francigena route. Thus, from year to year, these wonderful tracks will remain etched in a precious volume, testifying to a unique and exciting experience.
In the saddle you will experience freedom and discovery. It will be a very original and “eccentric” way to cross the most beautiful and even the most unusual corners of Tuscany and to savor a unique and unforgettable bond with places and with people.
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The Via Francigena in Tuscany

“Only the journey counts, because only the journey is lasting and not the purpose,
which turns out to be only the illusion of travel.” (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

The Via Francigena is part of a network of medieval routes that connected Western Europe to Rome
and then to Puglia, the starting point for pilgrims on their way to the Holy Land.
In Tuscany, the Via Francigena crosses breathtaking landscapes, world-renowned art cities, enchanted and timeless villages, places of intense spirituality.

2024-2027: the Via Francigena
And the Great Historic Paths

“Tuscany is the heart of Italy, [...] crossed
from small and large itineraries. Step by step,
it is possible to venture into a heritage of quiet villages and great art cities that find a natural connection in historic paths.”
(The Atlas of Tuscan Paths)

A project that connects the Via Francigena to the great historic paths of Tuscany, an adventure that unfolds from 2024 to 2027.
This multi-year cycling project connects the famous
aims to fill this gap. In fact, every year, starting with the first itinerary of 2024 (“The Via Francigena meets the ancient Salt Way”), the program includes a different route, always starting from the Via Francigena.
From the Via del Sale (2024) to Vie Lauretana and Romea Sanese (2025), to the encounter with the sea (2026) and along the linked paths
To the Paths of Saint Francis (2027).
Participants will be able to explore both the region's iconic places
that's most secret corners.
The project offers an unparalleled experience, a melee
with the multifaceted and always surprising identity of Tuscany,
an immersion in its poignant beauty, through places shaped by time and imbued with ancient culture.
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The Story

Two wheels, an image, a story.
The stories of the bicycle (1 photo and/or 1 page)

The journey into beauty that we propose along the Via Francigena is also a formidable incitement to preserve memories, vertiginous images, unpredictable experiences, extraordinary encounters, new knowledge. And it is, above all, an incitement to the story, through words or photos inspired by the enchantment of the landscape or by any memorable event that will happen along the way.

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The Pearls of the Journey


The departure will take place from the famous estate of San Rossore

Pisa - Square of Miracles

A passage from the Piazza dei Miracoli in Pisa with the famous Leaning Tower


From the ancient walls of the “City of 100 Churches”, take the Via Francigena in the direction of Altopascio

San Miniato

San Miniato, the city of truffles, can be reached after a journey through the “Padule di Fucecchio”

San Gimignano

The 'Manhattan of the Middle Ages', the city of 100 towers, can be reached by following the streets of the pilgrims of the past

Colle di Val d'Elsa, the crystal

Leaving Poggio Imperiale in Poggibonsi, you arrive at the sight of the art treasures of the crystal city


The journey through the rolling hills of Siena soon leads to the sight of the wonder of the village of Monteriggioni


The city of Santa Caterina, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, can be reached by an unprecedented and suggestive route

Villa Cetinale in the Montagnola

Leaving the Francigena, you enter the spiritual Montagnola with its hermitages and the sublime Villa Cetinale

Anqua di Radicondoli

The passage through the Cornocchia Reserve and the village of Belforte is extraordinary and wild

Castelnuovo di Val di Cecina

Between Mediterranean scrub, vineyards and olive groves, you can appreciate the charm of lunar scenarios

The Lands of Steam

We are in the 'Devil's Valley' due to the presence of boraciferous shower heads that inspired Dante to describe Hell

Rocca Sillana

Along the journey you will encounter traces of the Salt Roads and it is always clearly visible on a hill, the Rocca Sillana


An important center of the Val di Cecina, it is the symbol of how it is possible to reconcile the use of geothermal energy with respect for the environment

The Masso delle Fanciulle on the Cecina river

The route follows the Cecina river where two stone stacks form the sea of the poor of the “Masso delle Fanciulle”

The Berignone Nature Reserve

Between Pomarance and Volterra, the passage is of great natural value, with traces of medieval ruins such as the Castle of the Bishops.


Volterra, an Etruscan city of alabaster, is at the center of the Via del Sale and is worth a long stop

The Calanques of San Cipriano

Leaving Volterra, the spectacular “Balze” accompany the traveler to the rolling hills of Valdera


From the top of a hill, Peccioli, an ancient agricultural town, dominates Valdera with its “Giants” born from an innovative landfill.

The Arno river in Pisa

The return to Pisa is mostly along the Arno river, just as the departure was along the Serchio river

Frequently Asked Questions

The Guides

The FTA course was created by experts with more than 20 years of experience in organizing and participating in cycling events. Reliability and precision come together in routes created with passion and competence, ensuring an unparalleled cycling experience.
at cycling events, in Italy and abroad. The courses have been created with passion and expertise.
Reliability and precision guarantee an unparalleled experience.

We call them “The Guides” and we present them to you:

Fabio Bardelli

Fabio Bardelli, passionate about bicycles and the story of the wandering rider Don Quixote of La Mancha as well as of the Epicurean philosophy.
He has cycled in France, Spain, Sicily, Sardinia.
Co-organizer of international events, such as 999 Southern Miles, 6+6 Islands and 6+6 Ajò.



Luca Bonechi

Luca Bonechi, a passionate Randonneur, has 6 participations at Paris-Brest-Paris and many other international long-distance events.
National president of ARI (Audax Randonneur Italy) for 7 years and member of important
Associations such as Amodo and Formula Bici, he is the creator, together with Fabio Bardelli, of the Sweet Road format and, as project manager, he follows numerous projects in the Tuscan Tourism Areas, in Sicily, in Sardinia and in the land of origin with the masterplan of soft mobility. He is also co-organizer of successful international events such as 999 Miglia del Sud, 6+6 Islands and 6+6 Ajò



Valter Ballarini

Certified cycling guide, Libertas sports trainer, co-author of the blog and the book “Happiness on a Bike”, he has been practicing cycling and cycling for over 20 years. Member of the ARI board of directors until 2019, delegated to the A.MO.DO Consortium, he carried out the Grand Tour Rando project, Greenway del Nera, the Umbria of the Grand Tour and Castelluccio degli Eroi, he co-organized the 999 Miglia Randonnée in Rome and the South, and other tours in central Italy. He participated in the Alpi4000 and Paris Brest Paris. He is a pioneer on Komoot.



Paolo Marrucci

He doesn't have time to write his biography... he's pedaling